Grove Street Media is a versatile digital agency - we have been making pixels dance since 2003. We make apps, websites, webapps, UI/UX consultancy, games and beautiful animation - and we always do it with an eye on your business goals.
We preach solid technical foundations hidden under attention-grabbing visuals, and as we are a small team, we do it without the overheads of the bigger agencies. Scroll down to find out more about our strengths and experience.
Our animation clients have something to communicate. Whether they are seeking investment, providing scientific out-reach, educating children or adults, or augmenting video footage - they come back to us time and again.
We have been developing animation styles that combine engagement with affordability. From the humble explainer video to full on title-sequences, let us put a cost to your storyboard. See our Motion Graphics Showreel here.
No matter how enlightening your content is - an ugly or, worse, unusable interface stops your users in their tracks. 12 years of producing eLearning products have taught us a lot about guiding users - from digital natives to technophobes - around an interface with confidence.
Whether your platform is a browser, tablet, phone or even kiosk - our fast-prototyping techniques mean you can get your hands on your experience before spending any money on actual development. We also advise on analytically-backed incremental updates powering your content to become that next global viral smash - or not, as your business case dictates.
or call Tom on (+44) 7979 901805